My new album is now available at Amazon.com and many other online music outlets

My new album is now available at Amazon.com and many other online music outlets


November 15, 2021

Have you heard about the new radio program that highlights original music by local musicians in Northern Arizona? Just last week, KVNA, 100.1 FM started airing songs recorded by musicians from Prescott, Cottonwood, Flagstaff and other nearby communities. The program airs weekdays at 9:28 pm.

One of the nights this week (yet to be announced) this program will be featuring a tune I wrote with my beloved, Kathy Keays, when we lived and played music together in Bisbee, AZ. The song, MASSAGES THE HEART, is off of my CD, Psyche's Playground. There are several Arizona musicians accompanying me on this selection including Boone Dale on drums, Mike Taylor on percussion, Michael Keberlein on bass, Jim DeBusk on lead guitar, Mark Neumann on guitar, and Ari Taylor (previously known as Tara Taylor) on background vocals. 

If you're into the local music scene in Northern Arizona, listen to the 9-2-8 local music showcase weekdays at 9:28 pm to hear some really great local music! I hope you tune in and give some positive feedback to KVNA FM for supporting local music.




June 1, 2021

What a time warp we've all been going through! Aside from a few livestream performances, I've been floating through this timeless period of limbo playing tunes in my empty studio, writing new songs, and often losing track of what day it is.

Happily, my family and friends all passed through the pandemic bubble in relatively good shape. And now, I am getting back to one of the activities I love most - playing live music! I hope you and yours have made it through okay as well and are as eager to return to live music venues as I am!

This month, I will be playing with Walter Salas-Humara in Torrey, UT where Walter will be headlining the With a Little Help from my Friends Festival. Then I will be playing with El Kamino, backing up Walter at the Flagstaff Brewing Co. in Flagstaff, AZ and the Raven in Prescott, AZ (see "Shows" for details).

Radio Blazar will be appearing soon up at the Snowbowl and here in Flagstaff. Shows will be announced here in the next week or so.

I look forward to seeing y'all out there again soon!



July 31, 2019

My new album, PASSING SLEEPING CITIES, is completed and will be released September 13th!

Early in my life, my dad Jubal Clark introduced me to the Austin music scene as it was coming alive in the early 60's. Austin has always been a melting pot for various styles of music. This album is strongly influenced by all the types of music I was exposed to and involved in there. 

This album presents 11 original tunes featuring vibrant performances by Tim Hogan, Walter Salas-Humara, Wyatt Blair, Jason Farr, Matthew Henry Hall, Kevin Dobbin, Joe Magee, Lost John Casner, and Marley Wall. Andrew Grosse also played a major role in co-producing this album, applying his digital and analog wizardry to each mix. 

Back in the day, music-lovers would often listen to an entire album of music the way the recording artists intended the tunes to be heard - as one complete work of art. Andrew and I designed this album with that in mind and we hope you will consider giving this a try! Relax and let yourself go on a journey, sensing how each theme and mood blends from one to the other. What does this bring alive for you? If you allow yourself this indulgence, please share some of YOUR experiences along the way! 

I am extraordinarily proud to share this album with you, give it a listen!




November 12, 2018

I've just started decreasing the number of shows I'm playing so I can finish recording a new CD.

As much as I love playing out, I am eager to get these new recordings out for people to listen to! I'm still pretty new to the recording process. Some of my more experienced music mates can knock out a new tune after spending a few hours in the studio. I've always been able to write new material and get it ready for performance really fast but the recording process takes me forever.

Since setting up my own home studio I've discovered that I can greatly improve the dynamics of new tunes by taking my time with the process of laying down tracks. My new approach involves an iterative loop of feeling, writing, arranging, recording, listening, critiquing, re-entering the writing trance, revising, re-arranging, learning new techniques, re-recording, etc. Once I get back drum tracks and bass tracks I often find these new contributions inspire me to repeat the process all over again! I'm not complaining. I actually LOVE losing myself in this process! I imagine that I will employ it for all new tunes.

Nevertheless, many hours pass in the blink of an eye whenever I immerse myself in studio/song development sessions. Often I glance at the clock and discover that it's hours past midnight and then suddenly realize my feet are ice-cold, I'm starving, and I desperately need to pee!

So, given that I have no intention of trying to speed up my recording routines, I am starting to curtail my number of bookings so I can get this set of ten beloved tunes finished off. There are many more I want to get to in this lifetime and new ones are emerging already. It's time to finish up this project and move on to the next. And I can't wait to play all these tunes for those who appreciate my music.

I am aiming to release PASSING SLEEPING CITIES in the Spring 2019. Many of the tunes on the CD are somehow related to my early life in Austin, TX and the influence the 70's culture there had on me. There's even a tune I co-wrote with my dad, Jubal (ROSE AND A THORN).

I have vivid memories of hanging out in Luchenbach, TX back in 1977 finishing off those lyrics, then playing the tune for my dad out in the dirt parking lot to get his reactions to the verses I added. He often included this song in his repertoire but never recorded it. At long last, I'm putting it out there for more people to enjoy! Everyone who knew my dad, even casually, was aware that he was a rascal. My wife referred to him as a "Lovable Rogue." He relished that title! This song is just one of many that reflect on his wild and crazy way of being in the world...       

A brown bottle, a great big bed
Just a rose and a thorn
All dressed up from our toes to our heads
Like the day we were born
Grinning and spinning our blues away
Laughing and loving the night into day
A brown bottle, a great big bed,
A rose and a thorn

There's the first verse of that tune (the part Jubal wrote). I'll share the rest once the recording comes out.

There's another one inspired by a road trip with my dad back in 1975 (PASSING SLEEPING CITIES). And a tune inspired by Townes Van Zandt, about our attempts as human beings to get past the envelopment of our perceptual differences to connect with each other (VEIL OF TEARS). I could go on, but I need to get back to the studio, right now!

With some luck this sucker will hit the market by May, 2019. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I am enjoying laying it down!


September 25, 2018

On Saturday, September 1, 2018 RADIO BLAZAR will debut from 7-10pm at Altitudes Bar and Grill, here in Flagstaff, AZ.

Playing a blend of classic rock, blues, and many original tunes, this band includes Kevin Dobbin (drums, vocals); Tim Hogan (bass, guitar, vocals); Stan Clark (guitar, vocals); and when available, Jason Farr (saxophone).

Come blaze with us!


July 28, 2018

The beloved Gut Brothers played their last gig, last night on the patio at the Flagstaff Brewing Company! I want to thank Michael Kelly, Tim Hogan, and Kevin Dobbin for the amazing camaraderie over the past 17 months! What a ride it was.

And now...a new music project is in the works. More on this soon!


May 10, 2018

I just returned from another trip to my hometown, Austin, TX.

It is so strange to see skyscrapers, multi-storied student housing complexes, and million dollar modular homes tucked into the old neighborhoods once populated with students and struggling young musicians and artists. One musician friend said he had been offered $750,000 for the house he purchased in the Bouldin Creek area for 28,000 almost 40 years ago. He said that prospective buyers complain that the majestic live oaks that spread their numerous branches over his house stand in the way of the high-priced modern homes they desire to build on his property. They encouraged him to find a way to get rid of the trees. There are still laws on the books that protect these trees. The developers view them as threats to potential profit-margin.

None of my old friends who used to live in rentals along the once-serene streets of Austin can afford to live there anymore. They've moved to Dripping Springs, Leander, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Elgin, and other outlying areas in order to make it. I was struck by the irony that the very magic that attracted so many people and companies to move to Austin is now threatened by all this "success." The musicians who provide entertainment in the "Live Music Capital of the World" can't afford to live inside those famous "Austin City Limits" anymore.

Kathy and I ducked into Threadgill's World Headquarters to take refuge from the heat. I felt comforted sipping happy hour margaritas and looking at all the photos and memorabilia from the Armadillo World Headquarters on display there. The bartender opined on the skyrocketing price of rents in Austin and said he feels forced to return to Philly once he can save up the necessary funds for the move. He pays $2100 a month for a tiny two-bedroom, one bath house that would have gone for around $150-$250 a month when I last called Austin home. 

The town hasn't lost all of its charm though. We visited neighborhoods in Clarksville, Hyde Park, Downtown, Zilker, Saint Edwards, Bouldin Creek, Travis Heights, and South Lamar and reminisced about all the people who used to live among the live oaks, cedar elms, and pecan trees in these parts of town. The natural beauty is still evident in all its splendor, but those good ol' Austin hippies have been replaced by a crop of people living a much more stressful lifestyle than we all did back in the day. I'm guessing the new residents are much too busy earning money and fighting throngs of traffic to contemplate those easy-living days. I hope they are still able to find a few hints of that magical time. They will if they listen to the few remaining musicians from that bygone era.

I was heartened to see that the Continental Club, Saxon's Pub, the original Threadgill's, the Hole in the Wall, and the Broken Spoke are all still hopping with activity, even though other iconic venues like Liberty Lunch, Emmajoe's, and The Outhouse are long gone. Giddy Ups is still thriving. I spent a full day there during this trip.

I came to town to pay tribute to my dad at the Jubal Fest II event at Giddy Ups. I had so much fun playing original tunes with friends and performing my dad's tunes with the Jubal Clark Coalition band! And it was equally satisfying listening to George Ensle, The Keepers, John Casner, Herschel McFarland, the Glenn Brown Band, Sheri Frushay, Shiva's Headband and others throughout the day and evening. I enjoyed hearing their newer material, but I especially admired the way many of them honored their comrades who have passed on to that great Honkytonk in the sky by playing some of their tunes. This tight-knit band of brothers and sisters used to hang out together in the bungalows, bars, and cafes of South Austin and encourage each other in their songwriting efforts. Collectively, they conjured up a whole new genre of music. In the process, they also forged a subculture that helped put this city on the musical map. 

Before leaving, we took a walk along the well-groomed banks of the Colorado. There were people gliding along the tamed-waterway on paddle boards, and in kayaks, canoes and pedal boats. The smell of native plants wafting through moist, warm breezes connected me to earlier days when my parents used to take us down to the river. The currents were much wilder then. The shores were overgrown with dense thickets of foliage and littered with mounds of washed-up rubbish. There were no prepared pathways to take to the water's edge. I'm pleased that the city has beautified this portion of the river, now referred to as Lady Bird Lake. But the gentrification has come with a cost.

I really miss the indescribable feelings of calm, hopeful vitality that was in the air a few decades back. The wildness and weirdness has all but been eradicated by the frantic, scurrying people who have moved in, in search of hope and magic. Giant cranes and super-structures continue to spread across the cityscape, crowding out the old personality of the city and imposing a different kind of weirdness. The old charm has been commodified. You will find plenty to "consume" here, but tranquility isn't on the menu. Some of the sources of wonder still survive, but each time I return I am less certain whether it is the actuality of the surroundings or the memories they evoke that is stirring a sense of magic in me.



January 27, 2018

Kathy and I just returned from a visit to my hometown Austin, TX. While we were roaming around in the Texas hill country we went to visit my childhood buddy, Pete Williams in New Braunfels. Pete and I both began learning to play the guitar when we were in the 5th grade. I picked up a few chords from my dad and Pete learned some basics from a college student at UT. We shared everything we learned and soon we began figuring out how to play several Beatle tunes. We got to play at the old Palmer Municipal Auditorium in Austin as a part of a Boy Scouts of America event held there in 1964 - our first performance ever.

Pete joined me last September to play for the JubalFest event at Giddy Ups in South Austin. That was the first time we had played together in over 50 years!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of playing with Pete, his son Sean, and their friend Casey at a wine bar in Gruene. What a trip! We had so much fun, we're planning another gig together in Austin at the end of April!

                               Stan, Kathy, and Pete between sets at Vino en Verde, New Braunfels, TX on January 19, 2018.


December 8, 2017

My emotions are stirring today, recalling that...

~John Lennon was taken from us on this date in 1980

~Gregg Allman was born on this date in 1947

~Jim Morrison was born on this date in 1943

I get the feeling there are millions of us united today in grief, love, and much gratitude.





December 6, 2017

So I've launched this new website to let those who care know what I'm up to.

I'm leaving FaceBook - too much going on there, makes my head spin! This is much more manageable.

I love hearing from people who like the kind of music I'm into. Thanks so much for your support! And I also enjoy hearing what's going on in your world!.

Let's stay in touch! - SC