November 12, 2018

I've just started decreasing the number of shows I'm playing so I can finish recording a new CD.

As much as I love playing out, I am eager to get these new recordings out for people to listen to! I'm still pretty new to the recording process. Some of my more experienced music mates can knock out a new tune after spending a few hours in the studio. I've always been able to write new material and get it ready for performance really fast but the recording process takes me forever.

Since setting up my own home studio I've discovered that I can greatly improve the dynamics of new tunes by taking my time with the process of laying down tracks. My new approach involves an iterative loop of feeling, writing, arranging, recording, listening, critiquing, re-entering the writing trance, revising, re-arranging, learning new techniques, re-recording, etc. Once I get back drum tracks and bass tracks I often find these new contributions inspire me to repeat the process all over again! I'm not complaining. I actually LOVE losing myself in this process! I imagine that I will employ it for all new tunes.

Nevertheless, many hours pass in the blink of an eye whenever I immerse myself in studio/song development sessions. Often I glance at the clock and discover that it's hours past midnight and then suddenly realize my feet are ice-cold, I'm starving, and I desperately need to pee!

So, given that I have no intention of trying to speed up my recording routines, I am starting to curtail my number of bookings so I can get this set of ten beloved tunes finished off. There are many more I want to get to in this lifetime and new ones are emerging already. It's time to finish up this project and move on to the next. And I can't wait to play all these tunes for those who appreciate my music.

I am aiming to release PASSING SLEEPING CITIES in the Spring 2019. Many of the tunes on the CD are somehow related to my early life in Austin, TX and the influence the 70's culture there had on me. There's even a tune I co-wrote with my dad, Jubal (ROSE AND A THORN).

I have vivid memories of hanging out in Luchenbach, TX back in 1977 finishing off those lyrics, then playing the tune for my dad out in the dirt parking lot to get his reactions to the verses I added. He often included this song in his repertoire but never recorded it. At long last, I'm putting it out there for more people to enjoy! Everyone who knew my dad, even casually, was aware that he was a rascal. My wife referred to him as a "Lovable Rogue." He relished that title! This song is just one of many that reflect on his wild and crazy way of being in the world...       

A brown bottle, a great big bed
Just a rose and a thorn
All dressed up from our toes to our heads
Like the day we were born
Grinning and spinning our blues away
Laughing and loving the night into day
A brown bottle, a great big bed,
A rose and a thorn

There's the first verse of that tune (the part Jubal wrote). I'll share the rest once the recording comes out.

There's another one inspired by a road trip with my dad back in 1975 (PASSING SLEEPING CITIES). And a tune inspired by Townes Van Zandt, about our attempts as human beings to get past the envelopment of our perceptual differences to connect with each other (VEIL OF TEARS). I could go on, but I need to get back to the studio, right now!

With some luck this sucker will hit the market by May, 2019. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I am enjoying laying it down!

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