July 31, 2019

My new album, PASSING SLEEPING CITIES, is completed and will be released September 13th!

Early in my life, my dad Jubal Clark introduced me to the Austin music scene as it was coming alive in the early 60's. Austin has always been a melting pot for various styles of music. This album is strongly influenced by all the types of music I was exposed to and involved in there. 

This album presents 11 original tunes featuring vibrant performances by Tim Hogan, Walter Salas-Humara, Wyatt Blair, Jason Farr, Matthew Henry Hall, Kevin Dobbin, Joe Magee, Lost John Casner, and Marley Wall. Andrew Grosse also played a major role in co-producing this album, applying his digital and analog wizardry to each mix. 

Back in the day, music-lovers would often listen to an entire album of music the way the recording artists intended the tunes to be heard - as one complete work of art. Andrew and I designed this album with that in mind and we hope you will consider giving this a try! Relax and let yourself go on a journey, sensing how each theme and mood blends from one to the other. What does this bring alive for you? If you allow yourself this indulgence, please share some of YOUR experiences along the way! 

I am extraordinarily proud to share this album with you, give it a listen!



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